Web Design

Web Development

Let’s face it, there are numerous “web developers” out there. The trick is to know when a cheap developer is good enough and when you need to invest a bit more to have a good developer at least review the code and database before you publish your website. If you have a pure static site, then you can go down that cheaper route with a certain degree of confidence that you are ok.


However, if you need to generate sales/leads, have any find of forms, shopping cart or ecommerce on your site, then you need at a minimum a good developer to QA the code before your site is launched. A good developer will look at things like database injections, form errors, DB errors, cross site scripting, cross browser compatibility and more. Only once those have been addressed are you good to go. We’ve seen cases where sites were erroring out, but the site owner was not aware of it, costing them money without them even being aware of it.

That is where we come in. We look at what your specific needs are and make the suggestions based on those needs.

Web Design

Its not just about making your site looks pretty or flashy. Your site is part of your business, and its there to make money. So the design should reflect that and help convert your visitors. Similar to web development, going cheap and end up costing you more money, even without you knowing about it.

Custom Programming

From custom API integrations, credit card processing, shopping carts, affiliate programs and more we can help with your custom programming needs. Reach out to us with any information you have and we’ll make a recommendation, even if that is to refer you to a different company more specialized in what you need.