Online Marketing

Online marketing really takes the 2 traditional sales & marketing fields and merges them together. When you hire a sales guy you expect them to close the leads. When you hire someone for marketing, you expect them to generate leads for the sales team. Online marketing is different. It starts with inbound marketing, getting visitors to your website. The follow through is then working to get those same visitors to convert into sales/leads you can act upon and measure.

Inbound Marketing

This is the first step in filling your sales funnel. Getting visitors to your website. This can be done using both short term and long term strategies. SEO, Social Media and PPC are the traditional ones that most start with. Additional strategies may include webinars, newsletters, co-registrations and more. The trick is to find the right strategy that works for you. That is where we come in. We’ve done pretty much everything and we will work with you to find that perfect strategy for both your short term and long term goals.

Conversion Optimization

OK, you have the visitors come to your site, but are you converting enough? What is a good conversion rate anyway? There is no right answer here, each site is different. We’ll work with you to see what you have in place, ad analytics where needed and then see what needs to be done. Sometime minor text changes can make a huge difference, while with others you need to change the user flow. Let’s see how we can help you improve your conversions.

User Abandonment

One of the most annoying things to see is when you get users to your website, but they then leave, never to be heard from again. You spend a lot of time and money to get them there, probably spent days agonizing over your site design and flow, all that SEO and PPC work. Then a visitor pops in, does some window shopping and just leaves. What if you can find a way to keep in touch with them after they leave? Traditionally people have a newsletter signup box for this. But let’s face it, that does not work too well. I’m not saying it should not be done, but there is also much more we can and should do.


Instead of a newsletter, what if you could offer your visitor some valuable piece of information in exchange for their email? This can be a pre-recorded webinar, a case study, or list of tips and tricks. The idea is to give them something they perceive as having value, and all you want back is their email address to keep in contact with them. That’s a fair trade, no?


A newer option in addition to the traditional methods is browser notifications. These have proved to be very effective as it pops up in their browser. In the case of smart phones, they pop up as alerts, jute like a text message or app update. They can be customized and tracked, and in many cases you can include a small image with them. When you talk to us, ask about how Browser Notifications can help your business.