Marketing & Lead Generation Case Studies

Marketing for a Local Services Company

  • * When they first hired us 99% of their work was generated by them being sub-contractors to different companies
  • * Profits were very low because of that and they could not grow
  • * Brought us to help take care of their online marketing
  • * Set up new websites and campaigns in Google and Facebook for the different areas and services they offer
  • * Fast forward to 2019 and we generated over $121,000 in profit for them

Karate Studio Lead Generation

* They were spending a lot of time to get new students, going to different local events
* In parallel they were getting bombarded by different companies trying to sell them SEO and other services
* We came in, prioritized a few of their efforts and decided together to focus on just 2 areas – Facebook and Google Maps Optimization
* Set up those 2 campaigns
* We are now getting them new student enrollments every week and they are on the top of Google maps in the area, over all their local competitors
* During the COVID-19 crisis all their other lead sources dried up, except ours. “at this point your leads are the only ones coming in”. After re-arranging and optimizing the campaigns for the new stay at home reality we got them 14 leads in 4 days, at a cost of $4.08 per lead.

Marketing & Sales for a Security Start Up

* They originally hired one of the big national marketing companies to do their lead generation
* That company was running ads in Google and Facebook at a cost of over $500 per lead
* They brought us in to clean it up.
* We paused the campaign in Google and rebuilt the Facebook campaign
* We brought that cost down from over $500, to under $8 per lead.

Financial Startup Marketing & Lead Generation

* A financial start up was struggling to find new clients – both end users and re-sellers.
* They asked us to see if we can get them more customers
* Set up a campaign in Facebook alone
* We set up our process and got it to the point that we were sending them an average of 8 new leads every day for them to reach out to

Insurance Company Lead Generation

* An insurance company was struggling to get more qualified leads
* So they contacted us and we put together a plan using different online sources
* Set up campaigns in Facebook & LinkedIn
* We are got it to the point where got them those prospective clients at about $12 per lead

Lead Generation for an Event Hall

* A small event hall was looking to get more bookings.
* They were more like a YMCA as compared to a wedding hall, so they were having a challenge getting weddings booked there
* After we went through it with them we switched it up and create a campaign focused on baby showers.
* Got them a bunch of leads at about $9/lead

Online Tutoring Company Lead Gen & SEO

* Before starting with us they were running Google ads and generating 4-5 leads per week.
* We took over their marketing, made some changes to the site, updated their campaigns
* Now we are getting them 4-5 leads per day compared to the 4-5 per week they were getting before

Pause or Double Down my Online Marketing Efforts?

With everyone in panic mode around COVID-19 (the Coronavirus) many business owners are not sure if to continue or pause their online marketing campaigns. I’ve spoken to a few people and while there is no one definitive answer… we can split most businesses into 3 categories to help make a recommendation.

Sectors that Should Double Down their Online Marketing Campaigns

There are quite a few types of businesses that may see an increase in sales and leads during this time. More and more people are staying home, some due to self-quarantine, cancelled events, jobs and schools that have moved to a remote policy.

Online Businesses

If your customers can get your product or service online I feel you should keep at it. Some of these include online classes, financial related businesses, and more. Anything where your customers’ fulfillment in online

Survival Related Businesses

Do you sell to the survivalists? Not just hard core MRE’s or hunting , but also business that deal with self-defense, vegetable gardens and more. Are you in this group? If so you are probably seeing an uptick in leads and sales as I type this.

Software/Digital Products

Hosting, games, videos, software development, web development, and yes even online marketing like SEO and PPC services. These can all be done remotely, and many are anyway – so there is no changes in most of their business practices.

Medical Related Businesses

Not just doctor’s offices, but also medical and sanitary products. Soap, hand sanitizers and even toilet paper.

Businesses that should Stay the Course

There are many physical businesses that are necessities that people will keep on using. Car repair, tow trucks, plumbers, electricians to name just a few. These types of businesses need to keep going even if they are not in the same emergency category as some others. What they do have in common is that they don’t rely on gathering large groups of people.


There is another group of businesses that do rely on group gatherings, but that I feel should keep on with their marketing. These are businesses that deal with group gatherings that are usually planned months in advance – think caterers, DJs, florists and more. The current emergency will pass and people are still planning on getting married and doing their online research – so make sure they can find you.



Which brings us to that last category…


When to Pause my Online Marketing Campaigns

Do you run a business that relies on large gatherings? Restaurants, event halls, sporting events, gyms… If so I am sure you are feeling the pain. It sucks and there is no easy answer. If you are looking at an empty event hall, bar or gym you might get that feeling in the pit of your stomach with anxiety, trying to figure out what to do and how to pay the bills.


You might not be able to bring in a lot of customers today, but you can use the time to boost your online marketing so that when this emergency passes you will be able to quickly ramp everything up. How? You can use this “quiet” time to create more content for your site or social media pages, tips & tricks, how-to videos and so on. If you are using Search Engine Optimization as part of your overall strategy you can publish these as they are ready, no need to wait.  So this is your time to shine and get that content going.


Continue Your Online Marketing Focus

It’s a scary time for almost everyone. While we all need to make sure we are safe and take precautions to prevent the spread of this virus, we also need to keep our businesses going the best we can in these challenging times.


If you feel overwhelmed and are not sure what do, I encourage you to reach out to me or book a time to talk. No initial charge and no commitment – just a friendly talk between business owners to bounce some ideas off each other.