Marketing & Lead Generation Case Studies

Marketing for a Local Services Company

  • * When they first hired us 99% of their work was generated by them being sub-contractors to different companies
  • * Profits were very low because of that and they could not grow
  • * Brought us to help take care of their online marketing
  • * Set up new websites and campaigns in Google and Facebook for the different areas and services they offer
  • * Fast forward to 2019 and we generated over $121,000 in profit for them

Karate Studio Lead Generation

* They were spending a lot of time to get new students, going to different local events
* In parallel they were getting bombarded by different companies trying to sell them SEO and other services
* We came in, prioritized a few of their efforts and decided together to focus on just 2 areas – Facebook and Google Maps Optimization
* Set up those 2 campaigns
* We are now getting them new student enrollments every week and they are on the top of Google maps in the area, over all their local competitors
* During the COVID-19 crisis all their other lead sources dried up, except ours. “at this point your leads are the only ones coming in”. After re-arranging and optimizing the campaigns for the new stay at home reality we got them 14 leads in 4 days, at a cost of $4.08 per lead.

Marketing & Sales for a Security Start Up

* They originally hired one of the big national marketing companies to do their lead generation
* That company was running ads in Google and Facebook at a cost of over $500 per lead
* They brought us in to clean it up.
* We paused the campaign in Google and rebuilt the Facebook campaign
* We brought that cost down from over $500, to under $8 per lead.

Financial Startup Marketing & Lead Generation

* A financial start up was struggling to find new clients – both end users and re-sellers.
* They asked us to see if we can get them more customers
* Set up a campaign in Facebook alone
* We set up our process and got it to the point that we were sending them an average of 8 new leads every day for them to reach out to

Insurance Company Lead Generation

* An insurance company was struggling to get more qualified leads
* So they contacted us and we put together a plan using different online sources
* Set up campaigns in Facebook & LinkedIn
* We are got it to the point where got them those prospective clients at about $12 per lead

Lead Generation for an Event Hall

* A small event hall was looking to get more bookings.
* They were more like a YMCA as compared to a wedding hall, so they were having a challenge getting weddings booked there
* After we went through it with them we switched it up and create a campaign focused on baby showers.
* Got them a bunch of leads at about $9/lead

Online Tutoring Company Lead Gen & SEO

* Before starting with us they were running Google ads and generating 4-5 leads per week.
* We took over their marketing, made some changes to the site, updated their campaigns
* Now we are getting them 4-5 leads per day compared to the 4-5 per week they were getting before